Linking to External Questionnaires

Any questionnaire can provide on its final page a link to a questionnaire on another web site.

The document uses [BASE_URL] to denote the URL of the installation. If your installation is hosted at, you would replace all occurrences of [BASE_URL] with

Copies of LimeSurvey webpages in the instructions can be enlarged by left-clicking the copy of the webpage.

    1. Log into the Administration console at [BASE_URL]/admin
    1. Select the questionnaire you to which you would like to add the link
    1. Click "General Settings"
    1. Click the "Presentation & navigation" tab, then the "Save & edit survey text elements" button
    1. Scroll down to the "End message" section and use the text editor to delete the "Close" button
    1. Add the text: "Please click the link below to continue", then click the icon of the earth to add a link
    1. Enter the URL to the external questionnaire, then click "OK"
    1. Click "Save"
    1. Note that you can edit the HTML directly by clicking the "Source" button in the editor. This option, however, is only recommended for those who have experience editing HTML. Other options exist for redirecting your questionnaire, for example:
    2. "Automatically load URL when survey complete: Yes/No. Default No. If yes, when the survey is submitted, it will automatically redirect to the End URL. The end URL can be defined in the Text Elements Section. Please note that this only works on an active survey." -