Importing Excel CSV into SPSS

    1. Click File > Read Text Data.
    2. In Open Data window, for Files of Type, select All Files. Click file to be imported.
    3. Text Import Wizard – Step 1:
      1. Does your text file match a predefined format? No.
    4. Text Import Wizard – Step 2:
      1. How are your variables arranged? Delimited.
    5. Are variable names included at the top of your file? Yes.
    6. Text Import Wizard – Step 3:
    7. The first case of data begins on which line number? 2
    8. (Disregard that in the data preview box in this step, the first case of data is on line 1.)
    9. How are your cases represented? Each line represents a case.
    10. How many cases do you want to import? All of the cases.
  1. Text Import Wizard – Step 4:
      1. The bottom panel that shows the SPSS data format should be correct.
    1. Which delimiters appear between variables? Comma.
      1. Uncheck Space.
    2. What is the text qualifier? None.
  2. Text Import Wizard – Step 5:
    1. If a window appears saying, “Invalid variable names for this application have been found and changed,” click OK.
    2. Click Next.
    3. Text Import Wizard – Step 6:
      1. Click Finish.