Downloading Data

Copies of LimeSurvey webpages in the instructions can be enlarged by left-clicking the copy of the webpage.

    1. Log into the Administration console at [BASE_URL]/admin
    1. Select Conventional Constructs for Research Use from the select list to the right.
    1. Select the magnifying class with pie chart, then select Responses and Statistics
    1. To download ratings, including computed CCRI and CCRO scores for each respondent, click the CC DATA icon. The file will either download automatically or prompt you to save the file, depending on your browser settings. Please note: if you do not see the CC DATA Icon, ensure that the name of your survey includes 'CC for Research Use'. The icon is only available for surveys with 'CC for Research Use' in their name. If you want to administer the same questionnaire or set of questionnaires in more than one study, it is safe to name them “CC for Research Use – 1”, “CC for Research Use – 2”, etc.