This document describes how to select the questionnaire you want to administer.

If you want to conduct two or more separate studies and store the data for each study in its own separate data file, you must create a separate configuration of the questionnaire for each study.

Copies of LimeSurvey webpages in the instructions can be enlarged by left-clicking the copy of the webpage.

If you installed the program on your server, before proceeding, ensure that "Watson (Version [XX])" is visible in red in the upper right hand corner of the administrative page, as shown below, and that [XX] matches the version identifier required for your purposes. A version identifier indicates that the installation of the customized LimeSurvey program on your server was successful.

Different versions of the customized LimeSurvey program will contain different features and/or bug fixes. The latest version, available for download from Instructions for Installation on Another Server, is recommended, but not strictly required. A full list of changes since March 15, 2015 is available at Change History.

If the red version identifier is not visible, stop now and follow the steps in Instructions for Installation on Another Server before returning to this document.

This document uses [BASE_URL] to denote the URL of the customized LimeSurvey installation. If your installation is hosted at a different verified web address/URL, you would replace all occurrences of [BASE_URL] in the instructions below with the verified web address/URL of your copy of the application.

Please note that your [BASE_URL] will only be listed above if you have contacted Neill Watson to have it added to this wiki as a known and verified installation.

In the instructions below, replace all occurrences of [BASE_URL] with the location of your customized LimeSurvey installation when carrying out the steps below.

    1. Log into the Administration console at [BASE_URL]/admin
    1. Click the Create, Import, or copy a survey icon
    1. Click the Import tab
    1. Download the *.LSS (LimeSurvey Structure) file matching the questionnaire you would like to import. If you would like to import more than one questionnaire, simply repeat the steps on this page for each questionnaire you would like to administer.
  1. Click Choose File, select the file you just downloaded, then click Import Survey
    1. You will be presented with a Success message. Click Go to survey. Please note that the values in the screenshot will vary slightly depending upon the questionnaire you selected in Step 4, but that receiving the green "Success" message verifies that the import was successful.
    1. Click the green gear to test the appearance and general functionality of the questionnaire you just imported. If there are any problems with the questionnaire, you can safely fix them at this point, or contact Neill Watson for more information.
    1. Once you are comfortable that the questionnaire is working as expected, click the small green arrow to activate the questionnaire. Once the questionnaire is activated, your ability to change the questionnaire will be limited.
    1. Click Save / Activate survey
    1. Closed-access mode, while not strictly required, is strongly recommended. For our purposes, we continue with Closed-access mode turned on and a single token to be used by all questionnaire participants. Click "Switch to closed-access mode."
    2. For more discussion about open and closed access mode, as well as advanced features for controlling access to your questionnaire, see Open or Closed AccessMode and
    1. Click Initialise tokens. A token is a password shared only with those who have permission to administer the questionnaire.
    1. Click Continue
    1. Click the icon for Add a new token entry
    1. Enter responses for fields "First name", "Last name", "Token", and "Uses left". It is very important that the "Token" field is a unique password that is shared only with those who have permission to administer this questionnaire to participants. The "Uses" left field must match or exceed the number of expected participants. Enter a very large number of uses so that no potential participants will be excluded. In our case, the token that will serve as our password is "password1234" and we know that our study will have no more than 100,000 participants.
    2. Click Add token entry
    1. You will be presented with a "Success" message. Click the Home icon.
    1. Copy or otherwise take note of the "Survey URL - English" field, then click the red Logout icon on the upper right. Copying the URL is important - this URL will be used when administering the questionnaire to participants.
    1. Each time you are ready to administer the questionnaire to a participant, enter into the browser address bar of the computer for administration the "Survey URL" that you copied in Step 16 (in our example, Then enter your response to the "Token" field that you entered in Step 14 (password1234 in our example in Step 14). Click Continue.
    2. Enter the Participant Code Number and allow the participant to complete the questionnaire.
    3. After the participant completes the questionnaire, you may repeat this step for each participant in your study, up to the number of participants you specified in the "Uses left" field in Step 14.
    1. See the "Downloading Data" section for the questionnaire you installed in Step 4 for questionnaire-specific instructions for downloading customized responses and score calculations: