Creating a new researcher

To enable questionnaire use by researchers, it is strongly recommended that you create user accounts for each individual researcher.

This document covers the basic case of adding a new user. For more on managing user accounts, see

Failure to create a user account for each user may impede the ability to interpret the results of data collection.

Copies of LimeSurvey webpages in the instructions can be enlarged by left-clicking the copy of the webpage.

    1. Log in as an administrator or as a user with 'Create User' privileges
    1. Click the key icon to navigate to the User control page
  1. Enter the Username, Email, and Full name of the Researcher for whom you would like to create an account, then click Add user.
  1. The addition of the user will be confirmed, then click Set user permissions
    1. Grant the new user Create Survey permission so that he or she can create new studies. (Please note that “Create Survey” does not mean create a new questionnaire. The term “survey” has two meanings in LimeSurvey. In “Create Survey” it means create a study that uses a questionnaire already in LimeSurvey. A questionnaire already in LimeSurvey is also termed “survey” in the list of “Surveys” at the top of the page.) You may also want to grant the new user Create user permissions. Create user permissions are especially useful if the new user coordinates a research team that requires additional user accounts. Please note that new users with Create user permissions can only create new users with the same or fewer permissions as the initial creator.
  1. If email is enabled on the web server, an email with a temporary user password will be sent to the email specified in the new account.
  2. If email is disabled, or you need to reset the password, click the key icon as in Step 2 to get to the User control panel, then click the pencil icon for the user whose password you would like to change.
  1. Edit and Save the new password. Communicate the password change to the affected user. Remember that it is generally not safe to send passwords in email. Phone calls work best, or have the user log in and immediately change his or her password.
  1. At this point, the user is ready to log in and configure any of the available surveys. See the 'Configuration' link for the surveys at the left for details. For example, if the researcher wanted to administer the Personal Constructs questionnaire, he/she would follow the instructions linked here.